Hello welcome to this site! This will be my personal playground to put random shit on :] I hope that this will act like an archive for art and some other things. Hope future me (or whoever sees this) enjoys!

Please note that this site isn't optimized for anything but for my laptop using chrome (idk my laptops actual dimensions lol) so you're bound to find something messy! I don't use any fancy site editors and have coded this thing all by hand (minus some code I've frankensteined into here) so its just a mess! thank you vsc for the autofill ^_^

to do

-plan out/do art page
-work on eene page
-sort resources
-figure out drop-down menu
-make music page(?)


oh boy decided to make one of these!!!

1/27/23 fixed the weird lil navigation I had and moved it to the middle & made a changelog yippee!!! Hoping to get some more pictures on the eene page soon

placeholder text!!!!!!!!!